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Source: Fitness First, November-December 2012

What’s Good Now

Source: Woman’s Day, November 2012, p59-1

Taste, Life’s a bowl of cherries

Source: Canberra Weekly, November 2012


Source: Australian Health Food Guide, November 2012, p81

Jessica cherry picked

Source: Hobart Mercury, January 2012, p11

In Season

Source: New Idea, 2 January 2012, p56

A Basketful of Cherries

Source: Wellbeing, January 2012, p132

Jessica Watson

Source: Women’s Health & Fitness, January 2012, p122

10 ways with cherries

Source: Australian Healthy Food Guide, January 2012, p90

Trimming Turkey

Source: Women’s Health & Fitness, December 2011, p104

Pete’s Christmas Buffet

Source: Australian Women’s Weekly, December 2011, p188


Source: Coles Magazine, Christmas

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